Our School


            Viharamahadevi Balika Vidyalaya, Kiribathgoda is considered as the beacon of its residential area. Carrying the motto “Virtue, Wisdom and Courage”, our school has shown its highest performance over the past thirty-nine years of our history.With the spirit of unity and lust of grace, our school shines her way day by day. Over 3000 students are having their primary, secondary and senior education from our school with well facilitated academic resources. She excels in both the fields of academic and extra curricular. Over 3000 students are keeping up with the modern educational trends with a well facilitaed surrounding.

As a school which performs high skills and outstanding dignity, our school has achieved a recognizable, both local and international platforms during a short period of time. With the base motto of Virtuous, Victorious and Courageous, our students are resembled with both educational and social pride. With the help of the teachers, parents along with students, combined with physical resources, we accomplish our zenith of success. As a school which is started on behalf of the name of a strong and a national heroine, Queen Viharamadevi, we owe an oath to provide educated, courageous and virtuous students with outstanding personality, to the society. It is our proud will and lifeless mission.

It is very symbolic hence, to have the statue of Princess Vihara MahaDevi in front of the school showing what courage, commitment and determination is. Let’s hope that the future holds only the best and prestige for our alma mater,ViharamahaDevi Balika Vidyalaya!