The Flag


Symbols in the Flag

Paddy Chains – Prosperity
Circle of Dhamma – Religiousness & Conscientiousness & a Buddhist Girls’ School
The image of queen Viharamahadevi & her ship – Brave & courageous
The Moto – Quality, Wisdom & EnduranceSchool Anthem

School Anthem









The Motto

The Motto

“Quality, wisdom & endurance”

Our motherland’s future leaders in the arena of female, who run the country forward indeed must be full of humanitarian qualities with wisdom (according to the teaching of Lord Buddha the WISDOM means the ability to understand the four noble truths, practice them and succeeding all the problems forever). The balanced lifestyle is compulsory to have a quality life in all concern.The Badge

The Badge


The school badge is designed with the symbolic image of queen Viharamahadevi with saluting hands, her sailing ship, the Dhamma Circle covered by two shaped paddy chain on both sides together with the school name and the main city of Kiribathgoda. The symbolic representation shows that the VBV (Viharamahadevi Balika Vidyalaya) will produce its products of young energetic daughters who developed in various characteristics and qualities including salutation to every kind, working with life commitment for the betterment of the society. The Buddhist Dhamma Circle represents daughters with qualities of amenable as directed by the Buddhis Dhamma principle, Our VBV products must comprise full of humanity qualities, wisdom and endurance. It is the proud gift that the VBV gives its society. An Educated nation in this manner will bring the prosperity to the country and globe. The story of paddy seeds chain says that story in our badge. The well educated lady brings prosperity by many means, as mom, house wife, employee, entrepreneur with many synergies. It is to show our own identity to the nation & globe we use our city “Kiribathgoda” to show our difference with others.