School Uniform

The pattern of the uniform


Hair : Must be properly combed and divided in to two and tightened with black ribbon belt above 8 cm at the  end

Sleeves: Short sleeves loosened and stitched with 2 cm border 

Shoulder: Curved accordingly with the shape of neck 2 cm space with neck, back side 1 cm till the neck and 2 cm border

Waist: The waist is treated as 3 cm down the elbow. The belt is 3 cm width and use four rings and that must be fixed to the uniform. The hack must be attached at the left end.

Skirt: must be stitched with 3.5 cm stripes and 2 cm below the knee. The end border should have 5 cm width.

Back Opening: The opening at back must be 12 cm with 2.5 cm width. The space between buttons are 6 cm. The button holes on a vertical line.

Pocket: The pocket must be fixed below 15 cm from the shoulder with 3 cm width.

Shoes: white shoes with or without lace.